What’s your name?

Alexis Dawn Orcutt. My family and girlfriend usually address me by the name of Donny, a pet name for Dawn. My Uncle and grandpa are named Don. I made the personal decision to change my first name to Alexis about three years ago with internet friends, and have found that it suits me much better than my birth name. I enjoy the sound of it more, and the meaning, and the variety of nicknames that come with it. I also consider it a symbol of my independence and nonconformist nature that I can decide my own name dispite the social stigma and disapproval that comes from it.



What do you do?

Sit on my ass and pick my teeth.

Actually, I’m an aspiring freelance writer and fulltime college student. When I’m in school I’m usually doing homework, or more likely stressing out about homework which I haven’t done and don’t want to do. When I’m not in school I’m writing for the blog or sending off queries to write for publications, paid or not. This is how freelance writers build their reputation as a good writer.



What do you write about?

On this blog? Anything, but mostly pieces following a theme of misplaced jocularity and defeating depression with ones own attitude. I include many psycho-analyses of myself and others, most notably characters in books in the book review section.

Otherwise, I write opinion pieces and humor pieces, or both opinionated and humorous pieces. In this framework, I like book reviews, political/religious articles, fake news stories and commentary on anything I can get my hands on. I’m still trying to develop a niche in which to specialize my writing.

As far as fiction goes, which doesn’t sell for as much most of the time, I like speculative fiction, sci-fi, supernatural fiction, dark fantasy and such other things.



How old are you?




How tall are you?

I’m about 5 feet 4 inches tall.



How much do you way.

117, all muscle! *Sarcastic bicep flex*



Were you born blind?

Yes. Actually, cross-eyed and blind, to be precise. My mother noticed pretty early on that I did not react to visual stimuli, and so at age 1 I had a corrective surgery which prevented me from being entirely blind. I now have rather lazy eyeballs and a little bit of vision. My eye condition is called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis.

If you’re super interested, go here: http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/leber-congenital-amaurosis



What can you see?

Lights, colors, shadows, shapes…pretty much everything, but with way less detail than the average Joe. My vision is classified as 20-400, meaning that what I can see from 20 feet away from me is what you can see from 400 feet away from you. No, everything is not all small, dim, or blurry, but there is a lack of detail that keeps me from recognizing faces or distinguishing a distant house from a nearby bush. It’s complicated. I will likely be totally blind in the near future, since my condition is a deteriorating one. I remember being able to see much more when I was a young child than I can now. My estimation is I’ll probably be blind in my thirties or forties, assuming no miraculous procedures regarding my condition arise before then which will utterly correct it. I must say, though, that if given the choice, I wouldn’t get any surgery promising to make me sighted. Not only do procedures like that hold a lot of unnecessary risk (not to mention the astronomic cost involved,) but I like the uniqueness and personal strength which being blind in a world designed for sighted people has granted me. I don’t want to just become anyone else.



What is up with your gender and sexual orientation.

I consider myself androgynous and gay, but do identify with being a female. I currently have a live-in girlfriend and don’t see a future in which I will be dating a man, but there’s really no telling what may happen. I’m flexible in many ways, including I don’t see anything wrong with gender fluidity. I had a brief stint a few months ago when I was sure that I was transgender and ready to jump on testosterone injections as soon as possible. I don’t close the door on the idea that I may be trans*, but I think I’m more likely gender fluid and ndrogynous, or maybe transmasculine, than actually a transguy. I just enjoy the freedom to be relatively minus gender and gender expectation.

As for my relationship with other people’s gender, I’d love to say that I am pansexual, because I believe that the world would be a more nonjudgmental and open place if we were all polyamorous and pansexual, but sadly I’m not. Also, I don’t really believe the previous statement, since I cherish difference in everyone. I just wish it were easier to overlook superficial details as far as gender is concerned. I’m only attracted to women. I have found myself romantically interested in a few men and a few gender outlaws, but my overall trend puts me sexually and romantically homo. I’m also monogymous as far as I can tell.



What are your political views?

Complicated. I find myself identifying with both liberal and conservative ideas, placing me in a predictably bland independent position. However, I’ve found that my views align most frequently with those of libertarians, minus the utterly anarchist beliefs of some. I’m not politically correct by any means, and I’m a bit harsh and antagonistic on some issues in comparison to most of my peers.

For instance, I piss lots of people my age off when discussing feminism, “privilege,” social injustice and inequality, and a host of other concepts that I find personally blown out of proportion, and I’m utterly willing to debate them all at the risk of making people, including my best friend, scream murderer at me.



What are your religious views?

Cold-hearted, angry, bitter, sullen, spitting, raging heathen atheist, here to destroy the Christian American way and stomp upon all that is good and “holy.”

*Evil cackle*

Actually, I’m just an atheist. Plane and simple, though I can get technical. I have a rather strong anti-religious point of view. I despise organized religion from the fiery core of my being, and will spiritedly debate any aspect of it with anyone. Mostly though, I just lack belief in a deity or the supernatural for lack of credible research or evidence, and until said research and evidence is provided for the existence of a god or gods, I refuse to give an inch.


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